EUFJE organised its 18th annual conference online on Friday 17 and Saturday 18 September 2021.

The theme was the “Cooperation between national judges and the Court of Justice of the European Union in environmental matters”, more specifically the way national judges implement the case law of the CJEU after it is rendered and what the end result is of the case “on the ground”.

You can find the program here.


The program included speakers from the CJEU and the European Commission, the Supreme Court and Constitutional Court in Slovenia and several presentations of court cases regarding access to justice, air quality, habitat protection, EIA, environmental liability, water and waste.


The questionnaire EN prepared for the conference interrogated the functioning of the preliminary reference procedure with regard to national courts decisions once the CJEU has answered the question(s) posed in a preliminary ruling, so-called “follow-up judgments”. Respondents have been judge members of EUFJE working in 16 different countries.



Dr. Lorenzo Squintani drafted a summary report



Both days of the conference were recorded

and can be watched here:

17 September 2021

morning afternoon

18 September 2021 


 National reports


Italy B   Italy A



Lorenzo Squintani, Findings of the questionnaire and summary report

Madalina Grecu, Habitat protection, Case C-88/19, Alianta pentru combaterea abuzurilor

Miroslav Gavalec, Access to Justice, Case C-240/09 and Case C-243/15 Lesoochranarske zoskupenie

Carole Billiet, Air Quality, Case C-723/17 Craeynest and Others

Karin De Roo, Case-24/19 Wind turbines Aalter and Nevele

Faustino Gudin, EIA, Case C-142/07 Ecologistas en Acción-CODA

Luc Lavrysen, EIA, Case-411/17, Inter-Environnement Wallonie and Bond Beter Leefmilieu Vlaanderen

Fruzsina Bögös, Environmental Liability, Case C-129/16 Turkevei Tejtermelo Kft. and C-69/15 Nutrivet

Rosa Uylenburg, Article 6 (3) Habitat Directive, Cases C-293/17 and C-294/17 Coöperatie Mobilization for the Environment and Vereniging Leefmilieu

Erik Kersevan, EU case law in environmental matters in Slovenian judicial practice

Dimitrios Pyrgakis, Water, Case C-43/10, Acheloos river

Françoise Nési, Waste, Case C-188/07 Commune de Mesquer

Kari Kuusiniemi, Waste, Case C-358/11 Lapin luonnonsuojelupiiri