Conference EUFJE & Lund University 8-9 May 2023 on the Climate Emergency: Law, Policy and Adjudication in the EU


Lund conference summary


Lund 2023 conference materials and presentations




COM 2020 

Communication from the Commission to the European Parliament, the Council, the european economic and Social Committee and the Committee of the Regions 


Climate Change: A Matter of Concern Globally Today by Lord Carnwath, Former Justice of United Kingdom Supreme Court (presentation on the occasion of Chapter 4 of Global Webinar Series on Acceptability of International Awards Under Indian Jurisdiction and Climate Change; hosted by Chandigarh University on 4 July 2020)

Climate Change and the Rule of Law, by Lord Carnwath, former Justice United Kingdom Supreme Court 


Access to justice

Access to Environmental Justice in EU Law


Strengthenhig legal

Strengthening legal frameworks for licit and illicit trade in wildlife and forest products: Lessons from the natural resource management, trade regulation and criminal justice sectors


image.pngSanctioning environmental 2019

Sanctioning environmental 2020Sanctioning environmental final report 2020

Sanctioning Environmental Crime LIFE-ENPE: Interim Report March 2018Interim Report March 2019Interim Report April 2020Final Report June 2020


Environment and the EC

Fact-sheet : Environment and the European Convention on Human Rights


toward global pact

Toward a Global Pact for the Environment: Action for the planet, action through law


study directive 2009 99

Study on the implementation of Directive 2008/99/EC on the protection of the environment through criminal law (BirdLife May2016)


Declaration on Human Rights and Climate Change


illegal poisoned baits

Illegal use of poisened-baits. Legal analysis and investigation


Statements to Mark World Migratory Bird Day 2016 | World Migratory Bird Day


conclusions iaj uim

International Association of Judges - Conference 2014


european justice training 2014

2014 European Commission Report on Judicial Training


strategic project eurojust

2014 Eurojust Report on Environmental Crime


greening justice

Report on Green Justice (Pring report)


Revue Justice Actualités June 2021 ENM La Justice Pénale Environnementale