EUFJE organises annual conferences mostly in the Member State that presides the Council of the European Union.

Each year the Board and hosting court choose a pressing theme in the vast field of environmental law to look into.

Before each conference, our judges are asked to fill out a questionnaire with respect to the topic. These national reports provide a unique insight in the state of implementation of environmental law in their countries.

The national reports are then analysed and summarised by EUFJE members, sometimes with the help of consultants or academics. On the basis of the summary report, EUFJE tries to develop best practices and formulate recommendations for national and EU authorities.

The summary reports of our conferences, including the presentations and country reports can be found below per year.


Due to COVID-19, the EUFJE Annual Conference 2020 scheduled on 9 and 10 October 2020 in Leipzig will be replaced by an online conference on the same dates. The theme of the conference will be "Air Pollution Law".
You can read more about the programme and answer the questionnaire through the links:
(programme EN & FR) (questionnaire EN & FR)