The European Commission, DG Environment supports the activities and secretariat of EUFJE. 
The Forum is regularly consulted by DG Environment of the European Commission when developing proposals for EU legislation with a particular relevance for judges, such as the access to justice proposal, the legal instrument on environmental inspections or when the Commission is evaluating existing legislation such as the environmental crime and the environmental liability directive. 
EUFJE contributed to the evaluation of the EU Action Plan against Wildlife Trafficking on request of the European Commission.

EUFJE is participating in the DG Environment sponsored project “Support for Cooperation with National Judges in the Field of Environmental Law” that is executed from 2013 on by the Academy of European Law (ERA) in Trier.

In April 2022 the 4 networks launched a Position Paper on the occasion of the Commission's Proposal for a new Eco-Crime Directive. In November 2022 the networks launched an updated Position Paper. 


ECA Forum


The Forum is participating in the Environmental Compliance and Governance Forum, a group of experts established by the European Commission in 2018 in the framework of the Action Plan on Environmental Compliance Assurance.
EUFJE took part in the drafting process of a Vade Mecum on complaint-handling and a Good practice document on combatting environmental crime.
Among others, EUFJE took part in the Assessment of Environmental Governance in the Member States and in the study on the feasibility of an Environmental Implementation Portal.

You can find more information on the Environmental Compliance Assurance initiative and the abovementioned reports here.