EUFJE Annual Conference — 13-14 September 2019

Venue: Supreme Administrative Court of Finland, Fabianinkatu 15, Helsinki



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Czech Republic Belgium
Germany CJEU Legal secretary Sobotta
Austria Estonia
France Greece
Croatia Italy
Cyprus Bulgaria
Finland Ukraine
Hungary Sweden
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Slovak Republic Poland
Denmark Portugal


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K. Sulyok & F. Bögös, The role of science in environmental adjudication in EUFJE member's courts - Findings of the questionnaire
M. Schultz, The use of technical judges for better integration of scientific data in environmental decision-making
M. Bundschuh, Limits to judicial review: "Red kite" case of the German Constitutional Court
M. Seppälä, Judge's perspective
Ph. Ledenvic, EIA by the Environmental Authority and French administrative court decisions regarding EIA
C. Billiet, Results of the LIFE-ENPE Project 2018-2019
M. Hildén, Opportunities and challenges in providing and using research based knowledge in legal cases
K. Marttinen, Parties perspectives
T. Paloniitty & M. Eliantonio, Scientific knowledge in environmental judicial review: safeguarding effective judicial protection in the EU Member States? Summary of the case study responses
B. Preston, Specialised Court Procedures for Expert Evidence
C. Sobotta, How the CJEU deals with scientific knowledge - Recent CJEU case law
R. Uylenburg & A.T. Dalen Gilhuijs, STAB A government funded answer to technical questions from judges in environmental law
J. Nissinen, Views from the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation