The Board is currently composed as follows:
















Luc Lavrysen; Centre for Environmental & Energy Law, Ghent University; Constitutional Court of Belgium; president of EUFJE;












Keith Lindblom; Senior President of Tribunals, Royal Courts of Justice, London; vice-president of EUFJE;














Luca Ramacci; Corte Suprema di Cassazione, Italy; vice-president of EUFJE;













Fruzsina Bögös; Supreme Court of Hungary, Member of the Aarhus Compliance Committee; secretary-general of EUFJE;


Lagmannen glad juni













Claes-Göran Sundberg; Land and Environmental Court of Appeal of Sweden; treasurer of EUFJE;













Laurence Abgrall; counselor Cour de Cassation France, auditor of EUFJE; 


Skanuj 6

Teresa Zyglewska; Supreme Administrative Court Warsaw; vice-president.


Ariane Samson-Divisia, former attorney at the Paris Bar; EUFJE network manager.