EUFJE Conference
16-17 November 2018
„Training and Specialisation in Environmental Law”

Venue: National Institute of Justice, 14 Str. Exarh Yosif




Programme (EN) Programme (FR) Programme (BG)


Report on Training and Specialisation in Environmental Law 2019





Wojciech Postulski, The European Judicial Training Network (EN)

Brian Preston, Operating an Environment Court - The Experience of the Land and Environment Court of NSW (EN)

Carole Billiet, The ENPE EUFJE LIFE+ Project Progess Report (EN)

Lorna Dempsey, General Report on Training (EN)

Luc Lavrysen, Specialized Environmental Courts and Tribunals - Global Developments (EN)

Wouter Haelewyn, Jan Van den Berghe, Specialisation in criminal courts in Belgium (EN)

Jean-Philippe Rageade, ERA training on EU Environmental Law (EN)

Xavier de Lesquen, L’exemple de la juridiction administrative française (FR)

Farah Bouquelle, Training and Specialisation in Environmental Law in EU in 2018 (EN)

Mikael Schultz, The role of technical judges in Sweden (EN)

Jan Eklund, The role of technical judges in Finnish administrative courts (EN)

Kumar Swatanter, Environmental Law and Justice: The History and Future (EN)
Rosa Uylenburg, Specialisation in a Supreme Administrative Court - The Dutch Council of State
Claes-Göran Sundberg, The Swedish Land and Environment Courts


Available country reports

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France Estonia Hungary The Netherlands Norway Poland
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