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BIOVAL is a joint project of EUFJE, IMPEL (the EU Network for the Implementation and Enforcement of Environmental Law), and ENPE (the European Network of Prosecutors for the Environment), and is funded by the European Commission. The project started in 2020 in order to develop and disseminate an indicative tool to value damage to nature in court, i.e. to help legal professionals calculate a financial compensation for damage to nature when restoration in natura is not possible. Without prejudice to the Environmental Liability Directive, BIOVAL is based upon the principles of environmental liability and “the polluter pays”, and contributes to reaching the goals of the EU Biodiversity Strategy 2020-2030 of improving enforcement and restoring nature. In line with the requirements of Directive 2024/1203 of 11 April 2024 on the protection of the environment through criminal law it provides authorities a tool to calculate financial compensation when damage to nature is irreversible or cannot be restored by the offender.


The BIOVAL methodology was developed with the expertise of the Research Institute for Nature and Forest (Instituut voor Natuur- en Bosonderzoek – INBO). The BIOVAL tool website explains this methodology, and provides an indicative list of values for 100 species of vertebrates in the Flemish region of Belgium (assessment to be extended to other regions, countries and to habitats). It also features a database of case law that uses the BIOVAL tool to assess compensation for nature damage in court.


We will regularly update our Agenda with any events or trainings on BIOVAL.


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Please also check out this article about BIOVAL:




Thank you to la Escuela Judicial of Barcelona, our passionate speakers and all the participants, onsite and online, for their contribution to a successful 20th edition of EUFJE's annual conference! The conference that took place at the Escuela Judicial del Consejo General del Poder Judicial, in Barcelona, Spain, on 26 and 27 October 2023.


The theme of the conference was Water Law

  • We first hosted presentations on legal frameworks and recent developments in European and international water law and policy by Representatives from the EU Commission, UN Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) and the European Environment Agency. 
  • We then turned to EU national jurisdictions, with the presentation by Utrecht Centre for Water, Oceans and Sustainability Law (UCWOSL) of the outcomes of a questionnaire that we sent to our members in order to understand what recent developments were occurring in water law in Europe.
  • Finally, we exchanged on case law with judges from the European Court of Justice, Spain, Belgium, France, Finland, as well as, in the framework of the strengthening relationship between EUFJE and Latin America, Brazil and Peru. 

You will find the detailed program here.


A report of the outcomes of the questionnaire will be prepared by UCWOSL and published on this page shortly.


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The European Union Forum of Judges for the Environment (EUFJE) was created in 2004.

The objective of the Forum is to contribute to better implementation and enforcement of national, European and international environmental law:

  • by contributing to a better knowledge of environmental law among judges,
  • by sharing case law, and
  • by sharing experience in the area of training of the judiciary in environmental law. 



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